Qing Yue (Clear Moon), painter, was born in Macau of an Italian father and a Chinese mother. She has lived in Macau, Hong Kong, Bombay and presently lives in Trieste, Italy. 

She is the President of the "Art Projects Association" in Trieste and has been very active as a cultural operator since 1996, organizing art and photography shows and cultural events in Italy and abroad.

Her works and installations distinctly refer to her Asian roots with the elaboration of archaic Chinese symbols which appear, at the same time, very contemporary in the use of materials and designs. She is into fashion and recycles clothes that are radically transformed by her designs so highlighting the need to respect the environment and curb waste. She has organized some fashion shows with her exclusive designs. She also carries out body painting performances where each model becomes a live "contemporary, but temporary" piece of artwork. 

She has participated since 1999 in many art exhibits all over the world. Her works are present in private collections and in public institutions. She collaborates with art associations in Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia and has also participated in numerous international art workshops.